All About The Causes Of Vaginal Spasms

Roughly every 1 out of ten females have problems with vaginal spasms. These kinds of spasms mostly occur because of a disorder known as Vaginismus. Within Vaginismus, there's an involuntary spasm in the Pubococcygeus muscles within the vagina. This muscle spasm leads to complete closure of vaginal opening and will make it very difficult for a woman to have painless sexual intercourse. Below, we shall have a thorough look at the different causes of Vaginismus.

Vaginal spasms can occur caused by deep rooted fearfulness: A deep rooted anxiety baked into the mind of the girl with regards to intercourse can bring about Vaginismus coupled with vaginal spasms. This particular deep rooted fearfulness might be as a result of many factors. Certain females may get this anxiety in their head by listening to detrimental reasons for having sex like ‘it hurts while having sexual intercourse’, ‘intercourse causes bleeding’ and so on.

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Past traumatic experiences: Certain past unfortunate experiences in the life of the girl could also bring about vaginal spasms or Vaginismus. These kinds of unfortunate experiences generally consist of sexual assault or sexual neglect. Because of these terrible previous experiences, a girl builds up a sense of anxiety with regards to having sex and, consequently, she refrains from having any sort of intercourse.

Past painful pelvic exams: It is also one of the main reasons for girls experiencing vaginal spasms. Females who had went through a painful pelvic check-up may possibly develop stress and anxiety and can cringe even with the idea of somebody touching their own vagina. These types of women also can develop fear with the sight of a needle or any other pointed object. This anxiousness, subsequently, brings about unconscious vaginal spasms and Vaginismus.

Exposure to negative perceptions towards sexual intercourse: Exposure of a female towards strict, guilt-ridden as well as negative attitudes towards intercourse during childhood also can result in vaginal spasms. This is for the reason that; as the childhood of the female happens in a home which is entirely negative concerning sexual intercourse, the girl in addition develops an adverse attitude towards sexual intercourse and, therefore, she gets vaginal spasms or Vaginismus.

Anxiety about being pregnant: Some girls avoid participating in intercourse since they worry that they could end up pregnent. While having intercourse, these girls develop a feeling of fear concerning getting pregnant which eventually results in vaginal spasms and Vaginismus.

Baby delivery: This is also one of the main causes of vaginal spasms, which often impacts females and leads them towards developing Vaginismus. During child birth, there is a lot of strain caused on the vagina and due to that, a woman gets muscles spasms as she tries to have intercourse after giving birth to a child.

Above was some of the significant reasons that lead to vaginal spasms in women. Besides these, a number of other reasons such as venereal diseases (disorders related to external sex organs) and cancer also can produce vaginal spasms.

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As we discussed, the reasons behind vaginal spasms within Vaginismus are both physical and also psychological. Taking into consideration this, there are also physical and also psychological treatment options available that will aid a female to get rid of vaginal spasms and also Vaginismus entirely. A few of these treatment plans contain physical treatments like vaginal dilating and Kegel exercises. Regarding psychological treatments, there are many choices. Nevertheless, the ones, that help a female to get rid of vaginal spasms, incorporate behavioral therapy, counseling and so on. Apart from these, you can also find numerous complementary treatments available which help to treat vaginal spasms and Vaginismus. These secondary treatments typically incorporate massage, biofeedback and natural therapy.