Why Does Intercourse Hurt?

Almost every married couple dreams of leading a healthy sexual life. However, there are several medical conditions which can make it difficult for couples to enjoy their sexual desires to the optimum level. The most common amongst these conditions is experiencing pain during penetration while having sexual intercourse. Unaware of the condition, the majority of couples keep asking questions such as “Why is it hurting during intercourse?", “Why can’t we lead a healthy sexual life?” “How do I get rid of pain experienced during sexual intercourse?” and so on.

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According to a report published on sexual lives of Americans by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, as many as one-third of women say that they experience pain during intercourse. If you are also one of those women who experiences pain during penetration then you must find out the exact reason why intercourse really hurts.

Reasons behind experiencing intercourse pain

One of the major reasons behind experiencing painful sexual intercourse is Dyspareunia - the medical term for painful intercourse. It is a condition wherein a woman experiences recurrent or continuous pain before, after or during intercourse pain ultimately leading her to personal distress.

The other reason behind experiencing vagina pain is Vulvodynia also known as chronic vulvar pain. It is a condition which is characterized as pain around the vaginal opening (vulva). The pain experienced by a woman suffering from Vulvodynia is such that she can’t even think of having sex for months and even for years. Due to the absence of visible signs and the reluctance of many women to discuss their condition, Vulvodynia remains highly unreported.

Vaginismus can be another reason for women to experience pain during sexual intercourse. It refers to a condition where a woman is completely unable to have any kind of vaginal penetration. It mainly occurs due to the reflex caused in pubococcygeus or PC muscles. Just like when our eyes shut themselves when they see a harmful object approaching them, in Vagnismus, our PC muscles involuntary close off the vagina. In Vagnismus there is an involuntary control of spasms which ‘close-up’ the opening of the vagina making it difficult to have intercourse. This causes pain to the woman during sexual intercourse.

Apart from these, there are various other problems which turn your dream of having pleasurable sexual intercourse into a nightmare. These problems mainly include conditions such as herpes infections which cause blisters in the vagina, yeast infections such as bacterial vaginosis that causes an irritation of the vaginal tissue leading to pain during sex and other different dermatological conditions.

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In general, there are numerous conditions that cause painful intercourse. Allthough there are some psychological causes responsible for painful intercourse, they don’t exceed the medical causes. The majority of intercourse problems occur as a result of medical causes. Thus, if you are unable to experience a healthy sexual life then it is advisable that you seek help in order to help you to get rid from this traumatic condition.